2nd Platoon, C Company, 4th/47th Battalion, 2nd Brigade

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Buddies, Lt. John Hoskins & Lt. Jack, diggin’ the beach & forgettin’ combat for 1 day.
A fitting photograph for Lt. Jack’s collection!  This is what it was about for Lt. John Hoskins, Lt. Jack Benedick and the entire Mobile Riverine Force.
Think you love your home? Visit the Rung Sat and you would have more appreciation than imagineable!
Lt. Jack’s 2nd Platoon troopers finishing a patrol and loaded up for the trip back to the Benewah.
Here’s the 2nd Platoon’s favorite means of travel down in the Mekong Delta, especially when we were headed back from patrol.
Charlie Company assembling on the USS Benewah’s deck.
Charlie Company going for a well deserved day of Rest and Relaxation in Vung Tau.
2nd Platoon on a Huey goin’ on patrol.
Left: M60 Gunner, Frank Schwan & Medic, Bill Geier. Bill was killed in action June 19th & Frank was seriously wounded July 11th.
Ridin’ a Huey and enjoying the fine Mekong Delta view!
Lt. Jack looking cool
in his modified
Viet Cong outfit.
Lt. Jack wondering, “where are all of my troops”?
Lt. Jack getting ready to lead his troops on another excellent excursion.
2nd Platoon troopers jumpin’ off Hueys into another wet rice paddy – oh, what a fine day!
Lt. Jack’s troops leaving the Landing Zone for another long trek in
search of Viet Cong down in the beautiful Mekong Delta.
2nd Platoon troops preparing a Landing Zone.
Checkin’ maps – Lt. Jack
with RTO Bob French.
A couple of studly Lieutenants:  John Hoskins and Jack R. Benedick.  Are these guys in top shape, or what!
Charlie Company on patrol – hey, who is in charge and who is allowing these soldiers to bunch up?
It’s beer-thirty and barbeque time on Rest and Relaxation
at the “World Famous” Vung Tau Resort!