Key battles of the 9th Infantry Division during the Vietnam War.

Dinh Tuong Province – Rach Tra Tan River
An invasion of 4 major Viet Cong bases revealed by Vietnamese Intelligence.

May 15, 1967

Long An Province
Rach Gia River A three day battle that left 250 Viet Cong dead and 47 U.S. dead.

June 19, 1967

Dinh Tuong Province
A fierce one day battle that left 7 U.S. dead and 39 Viet Cong dead.

July 11, 1967

Rung Sat Special Zone
A Special Kind Of Hell visited often by soldiers of the 4th Battalion, 47th Infantry and sailors of the Mobile Riverine Force.

Rung Sat Special Zone

Rach Ruong Canal
An intense battle by the Mobile Riverine Force against the Viet Cong’s 502nd Local Force Battalion

December 4, 1967

Operations Report

Mobile Riverine Force 1st Year
1st Platoon under fire and taking cover. Photo courtesy of Jim Dennison
Charlie Company troopers burning a Viet Cong refuge in the Mekong Delta. Photo courtesy of Richard Northcott


The Rifleman fights without promise of either reward or relief. Behind every river there’s another hill and behind that hill, another river.

After weeks or months in the line only a wound can offer him the comfort of safety, shelter, and a bed.

Those who are left to fight, fight on, evading death but knowing that with each day of evasion they have exhausted one more chance for survival. Sooner or later, unless victory comes, this chase must end on the litter or in the grave.

Omar N. Bradley