2nd Platoon, C Company, 4th/47th Battalion, 2nd Brigade

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Charlie Company leaving Kansas for Oakland, California enroute to South Viet Nam – January, 1967.
Finally, it’s shower time via water trucks 3 weeks after arriving in Viet Nam.  Lt. Jack’s 2nd Platoon turns Camp Bearcat into a nudist colony
Home Sweet Home! Camp Bearcat – Jan 1967.
Facilitating Camp Bearcat; once completed, we left for Dong Tam.
Charlie Company on patrol and approaching another treeline Looking on – Chaplain Windmiller near Lt. Jack Benedick.
Waiting for a Navy ride off of Toy Son Island.
Bob French and Lt. Jack Benedick.
2nd Platoon grunts washin’ clothes – SSgt Dan Kerr (far left), Frank Modde, Danny Fisher, Bill Varsafsky Lt. Jack Benedick and Bill Reynolds (lower left).
Lt. Jack Benedick receiving one of his Purple Hearts while his good friend Lt. John T. Hoskins looks on.
Taking a break – Bill Varsafsky, Lt. Jack Benedick and Joel Onstad.
Lt. John Hoskins and Lt. Jack Benedick showing off
Charlie Company’s sign.