Mortars Platoon, C Company, 4th Battalion, 47th Infantry Dinh Tuong Province – September 29, 1967

Memorial by Rollie Gangler – November 19, 2000

Jim and I became close friends during Basic Training at Fort Riley, Kansas when the 9th Infantry Division was reactivated to combat communism in South Viet Nam. I first met Jim in May of 1966 when we ended up in the same platoon and I remember him as a really nice guy and a very honest and decent person. He was a quiet man and mostly kept to himself – I suppose that we got along so well due to my talkative nature and Jim being a good listener. I always liked joking with Jim and I remember how we constantly lamented the lack of success of our home town baseball teams – my Chicago Cubs and his Cleveland Indians.

When our Battalion went to Viet Nam in January of 1967, I ended up assigned to Headquarters and Jim stayed with his Infantry Platoon. During the following months of that year, I kept apprised of Charlie Company’s activity by constantly monitoring reports and radio transmissions when my friends were in the field. Every chance that I had, I made sure that I visited with Jim and my other Charlie Company friends. I will never forget how my heart sank when I heard of Jim’s death via radio communications between Headquarters personnel and the field officers. The news hit me so hard and I knew that it would be thoroughly devasting to his wife and family.

I will never, ever forget my very good friend, Jim Sunday. The memory of Jim will live on and on …..

Rollie took this photo of Jim on the USS Benewah mid September, 1967.