Charlie Company, 4th Battalion, 47th Infantry Mobile Riverine Force – Mekong Delta

Bill & Meg Reynolds visiting Philadelphia’s Viet Nam War Memorial. . . When we were called, we went in calm; they sent us to the country, Viet Nam We managed our affairs and said goodbye, there were lots of tears, not one dry eye These men were young, and full of pride, brave young men, who lived and died Their memory will never fade from us; they gave their best, and all their trust I think of these brave men, in time the rest of us are doing fine For you my Brother, my lifelong friend, even though you’re gone it’s not the end I wish you well, and all my best; the hands of time have stood your test I’ll think of you, for all my days, I miss you guys, so many ways I’ll think of you, with my last breath, your memory goes on in life and death Tom Conroy 3rd Platoon, Charlie Company August 31, 2003 Charlie Co Certificate