C Company, 4th Battalion, 47th Infantry, 2nd Brigade Kien Hoa Province – April 16, 1969

Memorial by Cissie Maclary – February 24, 2001

Dear Freddie:

It’s been 32 long years since you have been gone. I am dedicating this page to your sister, Michelle. She misses you so much and at times she cannot hide her sorrow. The rest of your family and friends also miss your wonderful sense of humor and your kindness to everyone. Say hello to your Mom and Dad for Michelle.

I remember at my Dad’s wake one of the workers from TWA recalled the day you were returned home for the final time and how my Dad broke down and they had to “take extra special care” of you for him. He never said a word to us about that. You touched everyones’ lives who knew you in some way. You were too young to go but all your family and friends will meet again some day and we’ll all have that “BOTTLE OF WINE” you always sang about together. Until that time watch over your loved ones and friends.



His sister is seeking any information from anyone who served with her brother and anyone who was with him when he died.