3rd Platoon, C Company, 4th/47th Battalion, 2nd Brigade

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Okay, here’s the deal: Either Steve grew several inches in height, or he’s been in the Mekong’s wetlands too long, or he’s ready for the great flood of 1967.
Joe “Shorty” Barron & Tim Fisher between patrols aboard our barracks ship, the USS Benewah near Vung Tau.
What’s the name of this fine example of a trooper?
Alan Richards & Steve Hopper looking for more beer.
Camp Bearcat – March 1967.
Greetings, James Smith – AKA: Smitty!
Who are these guys – sorry?
Is this the “evil” Steve Hopper or has he just added another notch to his short timer’s stick?
Robert Bridges and Alan Richards – Camp Bearcat.
Steve & the fellas on a beer break on the Benewah’s pontoon in the Mekong Delta.
Terry McBride offering up his standard California salute. Haha!
Here’s Steve rarin’ to go for a good
time, but no place to go – harhar
Steve & I dunno. . .
I need names & I don’t remember if this is
Custer Hill’s EM Club or not… ?
Richard Rubio, James Cusanelli & Elijah “Doc” Taylor.
Steve & I dunno. . .
Here’s Steve (center) and two fellow basic trainee
drill instructors at Fort Lenoard Wood, Missouri.