2nd Platoon, C Company, 4th/47th Battalion, 2nd Brigade

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Charlie Company’s November ’66
 Party at Fort Riley – a celebration
of training completion just prior to
leavin’ for Viet Nam.
Two Southern California lads – Stan Cockerell feeding
his face and there’s Steve Moede to the left.
Hey Ronnie Bryan, does your family know that you smoked, hmmmmm? Haha!
Mike Cramer, looks like you really enjoyed the soft drinks!
Free entertainment for Charlie Company – Harold Exum (left of guitar).
Good buddies, Wilson Burleson and Butch Eakins 
Really nice photo, Bill Reynolds.
Hey Rollie Gangler (wearing glasses), weren’t you the guy driving the ’58 Chevy in the movie “American Graffiti? Haha!!
Charlie Company’s favorite NCO and his wife. Sergeant Robert Smith was our most excellent cook.
Ronnie Reynolds, standing tall in front of our Custer Hill barracks.
October 1966 – Helicopter training at Fort Riley – we learned to quickly get on and off, which proved very helpful several just months later in the Mekong Delta.