2nd Platoon, C Company, 4th/47th Battalion, 2nd Brigade

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South Viet Nam’s vacation wonderland, Vung Tau – a terrific respite from the grueling search of Viet Cong.
Ronnie aboard the USS Benewah and hopin’ for R & R.
Here’s Ronnie all dressed up and gettin’ primed for his one day R & R in Vung Tau.
Typical R & R: drinkin’ and smokin’.  Mike Cramer smokin’ a stogie?
Good buddies, Earl Eddings and Ronnie Reynolds, kickin’ back with a some cold brews
Hello Sergeant Jimmie Salazar!
Two Texans, Howard Green and Jimmie Salazar, really enjoying Army life and the Mekong Delta – ha!
Howard Green doin’ the Mekong Delta Booga-loo
Tom White from Florida crusin’ our fine base camp, Dong Tam.
Pretty Little Tangos, all lined up in a row. They’re mighty impressive and they took us to some really bad places
It was better to hang out & relax. Here, Gil Rodriguez is indoctrinating Ronnie to R & B music, Playboy and smokin’ – nice job, Gil
Uh-oh, Gil might have ruined Ronnie. I hope that later after Ronnie returned to Arkansas he didn’t vote for Clinton – ha!
Two cool 2nd Platoon G.I.’s, Donald L. Jackson from Los Angeles and Gilbert M. Rodriguez from Pacoima, California.
Yo, Don Jackson, what’s up and where the heck are you?  Don had the pleasure of being one of our M-60 Machine gunners.
Well, we tried to tell Ronnie that he couldn’t steer the ship, but he really wanted to get back to Arkansas!
Gil Rodriguez and Frank Modde enjoying life at Dong Tam shortly after our arrival.
Fred Harrell displaying his muscles though there’s no women within a zillion miles
Ronnie, you’re stuck in Viet Nam for now, but it’s not too different than Arkansas.
Jimmie Salazar just after the 2nd Platoon searched that little village for Viet Cong.
Hello Tom White! Takin’ a break at the ole bombed out French Fort
Here’s Gil Rodriguez – man, he really looks ready for an R & R.
Looks like Ronnie Reynolds didn’t make it out of Viet Nam completely broke!
These boats were used for squad size patrols in the Delta – we absolutely hated them!  They were noisy as all get out and we had to sit in them shoulder to shoulder – nothing like being sitting ducks. I think  they were removed following our June 19, 1967 Battle when four of them were sunk by enemy fire and a number of our buddies were killed and/or wounded. That’s Bill Varsafsky at left and Ronnie Bryan in the boat.
And Ronnie will never go hungry ’cause he has a meal card.