2nd Platoon and Headquarters, C Company, 4th/47th Battalion, 2nd Brigade

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Rollie Gangler – Hangin’ out with Vietnamese Soldiers – some of his very best of friends at Dong Tam….. haha!
USS Benewah – Rollie Gangler visiting his 2nd Platoon buddies. Left:  Bill Varsafsky, Curtis Irvin, Rollie, and Bill Reynolds.
Zane Baker, Rollie Gangler & Carl Makariak at Dong Tam.
Oh, this must be Rollie’s “actual” friend, eh!
Zane Baker, Bill Varsafsky & Bill Reynolds.
Rollie’s buddy,
Jim Sunday was
killed in action
September 29,
Headquarters’ Finest:  Rollie Gangler and Gary Holik.
More of Headquarters’ Finest:  Rollie Gangler and Gregg Wendell.
Chaplain Assistant, Frank Amico at right, hanging out with Rollie
 at Dong Tam.
Fred Kramer enjoying one fine
stogie and a brew while on R & R.
Rollie Ganglerupper right, visits his ole 2nd Platoon pals on the USS Benewah. Bill Reynolds (top left), Bill Varsafsky & Bob French.