1st Platoon, C Company, 4th/47th Battalion, 2nd Brigade

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Larry is lovin’ life and sportin’ his finest “Crest Toothpaste” smile during his last patrol in the Mekong Delta.
Here’s Larry sportin’ his finest Yul Brenner look and maybe thinkin’ about posing for Playgirl Magazine; isn’t he a handsome devil!
September, 19, 1967 – Charlie Company Mail Clerk, Rich Cardia with Larry aboard the Mobile Riverine Force barracks ship, USS Whitfield County.  They’re making a mail run to Dong Tam in their neat little motor boat.
1st Platoon trooper Charlie Nelson checkin’ his M79 grenade launcher and gettin’ ready for another patrol.
Charlie Nelson (from Winslow, Arizona) playin’ catch with Bill Reed (from Palmdale, California) at Camp Bearcat. Hey, is that a television next to Bill?  Man o man, somebody was takin’ care of the 1st Platoon
Finally, it’s shower and shave time for 1st Platoon’s Larry Lukes.
1st Platoon goin’ on patrol from Dong Tam. How would you like to be the “Point” trooper, let alone just being out there going from the clearing into the bush?  I recall wanting to get out of the clearing as quickly as possible.
Larry pulling guard duty aboard the dredge in the Mekong River.  Prior to his R & R to meet his young wife, Larry wrote: This is a picture of the nastiest, meanest & most vicious G.I. in all of Viet Nam.  Mattel toymakers are placing a model of him on sale in Hawaii starting August 28th. These models are so real to life that it will actually get you excited – beware tho – at times, these toys will take complete control of you. If it’s made by Mattel, you know it’s Swell!
Larry received this fine modified shotgun in the mail from his ole boss, Dave Watson, who wanted Larry to be well armed.
Larry & his buddy, Sgt John Anderson at Camp Bearcat; there’s that stinkin’ T.V. again.
Sergeant Anderson practicing his skill with a bow and arrow at Dong Tam – he will need more than that for Charlie.
Larry wrote on the back of this photo: Sept. 25th – Vung Tau Harbor.  Marvin Grover & I have been through a “World of Shit” together & this is my last day with my buddies – only three of us left. Signed – Short Timer – 76 days to go.
Larry wrote on the back of this photo:  Hi Honey, would you believe 30 days? Larry Morgan is losing a game of chess at the Service Club; too bad!  I’ll see ya in a few days, love Larry.
Looks like Larry purchased one bitchen Black Beret.
1st Platoon’s October 2nd Beer Party – Left to right:  Ron Pleacher, Richard Hunt, Larry Lilley, and Bob Eisenbaugh.  Black Label all the way!
Who is this 1st Platoon trooper?
1st Platoon troopers takin’ a break on a Mobile Riverine Barracks Ship. Other than Marvin Grove (2nd from front at left), I believe these soldiers are replacements.
Hello Jim Stephenson.
Larry’s co-worker, Le Thi Bon, at Dong Tam’s PX where he worked during his last weeks in Viet Nam.
This certainly looks questionable. Ben Acevedo made the huge mistake of getting into Larry’s hammock and was thereby immediately ambushed.
Can you believe Larry gave up carrying his favorite back-pack to work in the PX?
Does anyone out there know these fine 1st Platoon troopers?
4th Platoon’s Richard Northcott enjoying a ride back to the ship following a patrol and 2nd Platoon’s Bob French relaxing in his very exclusive Nieman-Marcus casual wear.  Bob, did you steal those fine shorts from John Sclimenti?
1st Platoon’s lean, mean fightin’ machine, Ben Acevedo.  Yo Ben, can you recall when you actually had hair and a 30 inch waist line?