1st Platoon, C Company, 4th/47th Battalion, 2nd Brigade

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March 1967 – Larry Lilley carrying his buddy Kenneth Frakes, with Ben Acevedo at his side. The Charlie Company troopers had just arrived in Dong Tam.
Ben Acevedo, Larry Lilley and Kenny Frakes.
Kenny Frakes with a fine camera between patrols at Dong Tam.
Larry Lilley:  Armed & dangerous with a 90 MM Recoilless Rifle and M-60 Machine Gun.
Larry Lilley and his good buddy, Timmy Johnson – both graduated from Antelope Valley High School June 4, 1964.  Timmy lost his life during a huge battle with a well fortified Viet Cong force near Ap Bac Village in the Mekong Delta on June 19, 1967.
3rd Platoon trooper, Timmy Johnson enjoying a fine stogie during a break between patrols – Dong Tam.
Timmy Johnson….
Larry Lilley and his buddy Kenneth Frakes (4th Platoon), who also graduated from Antelope Valley High School June 4, 1964. Kenneth gave the ultimate sacrifice during the same battle that took Timmy Johnson’s life.

1st Platoon’s Don Peterson at Camp Bearcat shortly before C Company moved to Dong Tam – March, 1967. Don lost his life during C Company’s first significant encounter with Viet Cong Forces on May 15, 1967.
Larry Lilley and Ben Acevedo (standing) with Gary “Doc” Maibach (left) and Jim Stephens sitting.
Doc Maibach once again carrying one of his 1st Platoon troopers.  Dong Tam – May 17, 1967
Here’s a rare photo and rare occasion of Doc Maibach  with some very powerful weapons.
Looks like Doc is starting to get the feel of it now; he’s ready to lock n load
Doc performing a little laundry duty between patrols at Dong Tam.

Another 1st Platoon “Short Timer’s Party” inadvertently broke out – Jim Stephenson sitting and Larry to the right.
Larry and Doc enjoying “Short Timer’s Party #5”. Only six days left in South Viet Nam.  Doc is having his first beer and probably his last.
3rd Platoon’s Wes Ostrem from Washington State – he was wounded in the June 19th Battle.
John Sclimenti (from the San Fernando Valley – Los Angeles area) on Dong Tam berm guard duty.
Charlie Company’s Supply Sergeant, Josef Cerveny (left) returning from patrol with Lt. Jack Benedick’s 2nd Platoon. Ronnie Bryan (rear), Stan Cockerell (front) and Bill Reynolds behind Stan. We killed and captured several Viet Cong that day.
Returning from patrol in the Rung Sat, 1st Platoon troopers are stripped down and drying out
2nd Platoon’s RTO, Bob French.
Hollywood wannabe’s enjoying a fine Mekong Delta sunny day. Wes Ostrem (rear) hangin’ out with Charlie Company Clerk, Duane Feekin.
Dong Tam’s PX finally opens and Charlie Company troopers are anxious to acquire a few luxuries.