3rd Platoon, C Company, 4th/47th Battalion, 2nd Brigade

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1st Squad, 3rd Platoon – Top Left: Johnny Jaspar, John Bradfield, Tony Caliari, Ron Vidovic, Ronald Mintz, James Johnson, and Jace J. Johnston. Lower Left:  Tim Johnson,
Walt Gordon, Sergeant John Bedford, Tim Fisher, and Russell Barney.
Richard Rubio, Moses Campbell, Johnny Jasper, Elijah “Doc” Taylor, and John Bradfield with his Spanish Astra pistol that he found in a VC weapons cache.
There’s John Bradfield and friends hanging out
between patrols on the USS Benewah.
John, Johnny Jasper & Smitty aboard the
USS Benewah. John, seems to wonder about the
merits of our next Search & Destroy mission.
John Bradfield (standing) with “The Shipmates”.  These guys are diggin’ life aboard the USS Benewah!  There’s big ole Willie McTear on the left with his big ole grin!!
Specialist 4 Russell Ray Barney, one of John’s best buddies from the 1st Squad – 3rd Platoon, & Sergeant JohnTege at Dong Tam.
1st Platoon’s James Nall and 2nd Platoon’s Willie
McTear – these guys are lovin’ the US Army.  I clearly remember how much Willie enjoyed Army life
3rd Platoon troopers crossin’ another stinkin’ creek. That’s Joe Barron & Tim Fischer behind. . .
Sergeant Robert Smith
 C Company’s Main Cook.
John Bradfield and Moses Campbell stretching their legs in Salt Lake City enroute from Fort Riley, Kansas to Oakland, California to board the troop
ship USS General John Pope – January, 1967.
They were embarking on an adventure
that would change their lives forever
3rd Platoon troopers, Robert Sachs, Sgt. Clarence McKinney, Steve Hopper, Johnny Vista, and Jose Sauceda headed out on another patrol.
James Nall, Elijah “Doc” Taylor & Moses Campbell
hangin’ out at Dong Tam down in the Mekong Delta.