2nd Platoon, C Company, 4th/47th Battalion, 2nd Brigade

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Here are James’ prized mementos that Vicky saved
all of these years. We in the 2nd Platoon already knew that James was
a true Old Reliable.
Earl Eddings and James hanging
out at Dong Tam – Mid 1967.
2nd Platoon buddies, Frank Modde & James Holstine aboard the USS Benewah in Vung Tau Harbor mid 1967. Sadly, both of these fine Old Reliables have passed away after leaving Viet Nam.  Frank died from a motorcycle accident in the early 70’s and James died of cancer in 1992. Photo courtesy of Willie McTear
2nd Platoon pals Willie McTear & James Holstine aboard the USS Benewah between patrols. Photo courstesy of Willie McTear
Sergeant James Holstine – Dong Tam in the
Mekong Delta.          
Photo courtesy of Mike Cramer
Jimmie Salazar, James Holstine and Sergeant Dan Kerr. Notice Jimmie’s devious grin……he’s about to pull a prank.
These Cool Serneants, Ted Searcy, Gil Rodriguez and James
Holstine are playin’ cards and feeling no pain.
2nd Platoon’s medic, Bill Geier, Sgt. George Smith standing and James kneeling. They’re on a patrol near Camp Bearcat.  Bill and Smitty both lost their lives in battle on June 19th and July 11th respectively.
Gray from Baytown, Texas…..one of James’ squad members.
Here’s James exhibiting his sensitive nature while befriending a little village girl who was likely frightened with the presence of the heavily armed 2nd Platoon troopers.
James is very happy to be on the barracks ship rather than
on that Tango headed out for another stinkin’ patrol!
Terry McBride, 3rd Platoon’s
M-60 Machine Gunner and Charlie Company’s own Hell’s Angel from Oakland, California.
Here they are fooling around & enjoying being at Dong Tam rather than searching for VC.
2nd Platoon’s 2 rowdy Buck Sergeants Fred Harrell and James Holstine
August, 1967 – Ronnie Reynolds just searched this hooch; this photo was taken shortly before Ronnie tripped a grenade booby-trap while walking point.  His legs were laced with shrapnel and he was sent home.
Here’s Ronnie Reynolds on a break
between patrols aboard the USS Benewah.
When James saw this photo he was irritated that “some nut had to mess up his picture”.
2nd Platoon’s favorite past-time aboard the barracks ship
between patrols. Playing Hearts left to right: Bob Tanner (medic), Frank Modde (behind Bob), Curtis Irvin, Mike Cramer, Bill Reynolds, and Stan Cockerell. Approximately, July 1967.