2nd Platoon, C Company, 4th/47th Battalion, 2nd Brigade

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Introduction Here’s James Holstine, one of the 2nd Platoon’s most popular and most reliable soldiers. James took his responsibilities seriously and he was rewarded with a promotion to “Buck Sergeant” during training at Fort Riley.  Though James was serious about soldiering, he had an incredible dry sense of humor …….he always hasseled someone, but no one was ever angered or held a grudge.  I can remember him always saying……hey Jim, do you know what you’re doing there?  He called you Jim whether your name was Jim or not.  He was just so cool.  James was one of the fortunate 13 troopers to make it through the entire Tour of Duty (January 1967 to January 1968) with the 2nd Platoon.

Very recently, it became known to all of the former Charlie Company troopers, who are still in contact with each other, that James had contracted cancer and passed away in 1992.  James tragically died at the early age of 46.  This dreadful news came as a huge blow to all of us who knew him as a Brother in Arms.  Our hearts go out to his entire family, his friends and those who loved him. James will always be known as a solid soldier at a dangerous time in our history.  He was such a special person and he will always be missed by us but he will never be forgotten.  Bill Reynolds

James and Vicky are
so happy to be
together and so very
happy that Basic
Training is done.
James appears very
proud of graduating
and being a United
States Infantry
Soldier. He’s also
obviously very proud
of his beautiful Vicky.
Whoa, that yellow
outfit is hot, hot, hot!
July 22, 1966 – James posing with his
big bad M-16 at our barracks parking lot
following Basic Training Graduation.
Custer Hill – Fort Riley, Kansas
James during Basic Training, notice how fit he is 
James and his 2nd Platoon buddies at the rifle range. There’s Willie McTear standing at the right & Ron Schworer also standing.
2nd Platoon troopers shortly after arriving at Camp Bearcat – January 1967.
February, 1967 – Curtis Irvin and
Bill Geier at Camp Bearcat.
James with some Charlie Company troopers at Dong Tam.  Hey, there’s Lt. Jack Benedick at the far right and Mike O’Gara sitting at the lower right
January ’67 – James aboard the train headed to Oakland, California and the USS General John Pope for a bitchen voyage to South Viet Nam.  He shared
this compartment with Bill Reynolds.
Some of the 2nd Platoon troopers thinkin’ about our imminent patrols searching for Viet Cong.
Sergeant Gil Rodriguez, Donald Jackson – standing, Howard Green – sitting, and I don’t recall the soldier to the right.
Our luxurious hygienic facility
Bill Reynolds and Sergeant George “Smitty” Smith at Camp Bearcat. Smitty is wearing his prized CIB while Bill is stylin’ with his fine Army issue spectacles.
2nd Platoon troopers, Stan Cockerell and Larry Walter returning from a perimeter patrol at Camp Bearcat