1st & 2nd Platoon, C Company, 4th/47th Battalion, 2nd Brigade

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I wonder if Gene realized just how incredibly jealous everyone was that he had a car at Fort Riley?
Gene Harvey 2nd Platoon Squad – Basic Training Graduation Photo. Bottom left: Frank Modde, Gene Harvey, Gil Rodriguez, Howard Green, and Curtis Irvin.  Top Left: Richard Just, Bill Varsafsky, Bob Ehlert, Ronnie Reynolds, and Stan Cockerell.
Gene Harvey – 2nd Platoon Guide
Gene Harvey with his 90MM recoilless rifle and it’s winter time at Fort Riley.
Here’s Gene during a break at Fort Riley writing a letter home.
Custer Hill – Fort Riley, Kansas.  Home sweet home for Charlie
Company troopers from May 1966 to early January 1967.
Here’s Gene wishing he was in
artillery instead of the infantry. Ha!
Fort Riley, Kansas – Summer of 1966
River crossing training at Fort Riley, Kansas – they must
have thought we would need this. . .
st Platoon getting ready to head out of Dong Tam for another patrol
There’s Larry Lilley front and center.
Gary “Doc” Maibach at muddy Dong Tam
Between patrols at Camp Bearcat – approximately March, 1967
1st Platoon troopers on patrol.  Tom Meyers with an unknown buddy behind him
1st Platoon during Advanced Infantry Training at Fort Riley, Kansas.
September 1966