2nd Platoon, C Company, 4th/47th Battalion, 2nd Brigade

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Oakland, California – January 5, 1967. 9th Infantry Division’s 2nd Brigade troopers loadin’ up for a fine three week cruise to South Viet Nam.  Our 9th Division Band was there to celebrate.
Pope’s sleeping quarters – Clockwise from left: Idoluis Casares (WIA), Ron Schworer (KIA), Ray Layman (WIA), Mario Lopez, Jimmie Salazar (WIA), Bill Reynolds (WIA).
Here we are closing in on Vung Tau Harbor and it was hotter
than hell! All of us are wondering what experiences lie ahead
Fred Kenney & Steve Moede with Willie McTear behind & Wilson Burleson at left.
Bill R. sportin’ an M-60 Machine Gun – we all liked posing with an M-60, but no one really wanted to carry it, or the ammo around on patrols.
I’m enjoying an excellent patrol near Camp Bearcat and delighted to be alive after one month in country.
Tom White thinkin’ he likes the Delta  as it reminds him so much of Florida.
2nd Platoon on patrol in the rice paddies of the Mekong Delta – Curtis Irvin really enjoying the fine scenery!  There’s Tom White behind him
Bill R. and his tired 2nd Platoon buddies
takin’ a break in the Mekong Delta.
These 2nd platoon troopers are not dead, just “dead tired” after 3 days and two nights in the bush searching for the Viet Cong. That’s Jimmie Salazar at the left.
Typical little hooch out in the boonies; these were usually homes to rice paddy farming families.  It was always such a thrill poking your head in there to inspect for Viet Cong.
2nd Platoon’s Danny Fisher crusin’ a small village.
Bob French & who is the other guy?
Charlie Nelson and Frank Modde.
Man, it was hot on those patrols near Camp Bearcat!  March, 1967.
Bill Reynolds checkin’ out a Vietnamese
 cemetery near a small Mekong Delta village.
Here’s my good buddy resourceful soldier, Tom Hogle from Syracuse, New York.
2nd Platoon’s Larry Walter on patrol near Camp Bearcat – he really enjoyed those hot & sweaty little excursions out into the bush searching for Viet Cong!
2nd Platoon troopers resting during a patrol.  Left: Larry Walters, James Hostine and Mario Lopez (standing). Can’t tell who the soldiers is talkin’ to Holstine.
Bill Reynolds during a 2nd Platoon patrol in the stinking, rotten, hot and insect/varmit infested Rung Sat Zone.
Tom Hogle wishing he was back in OCS on “easy street” as
opposed to searching the extremely rough Mekong Delta
terrain for people who want to kill him.
2nd Platoon troopers headed into the bush out of Dong Tam in the early hours for another exciting search for Viet Cong.
Bill Reynolds tryin’ to reach his Vegas bookie for
his preferred “real world” action.

Hey, don’t jump to any conclusions – it’s hot! Larry Walter, Bill Reynolds & Bob Ehlert tryin’ to cool off during another stinkin’ hot patrol
Ronnie Reynolds gettin’ a little shade – I still remember how stinkin’ hot it was right after a monsoon rain.  Back at Fort Riley we teased Ronnie that he was so backward, being from Arkansas, that when he put his Army boots on
he would walk backward just to see his footprints.
Yeah, Ronnie really appreciated that!