3rd Platoon, Bravo Company, 4th/47th Battalion, 2nd Brigade

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Bravo troopers just after arriving in beautiful Dong Tam deep
in the Mekong Delta – approximately May 1967
Henry LaPrad during another patrol.  Henry below with Clarence Lossing (KIA July 11, ’67) behind.
Another helicopter mission over the watery VC infested Mekong Delta.
Bravo troopers arriving back in Dong Tam after another grueling search
and destroy mission in the Mekong Delta – Summer of 1967.

Here’s Jim Miller above and below and as handsome as ever!
Stan Cockerell – 2nd Platoon Charlie Company.
A member of Dong Tam’s barracks construction crew
in his last month of his Tour of Duty – Dec 1967.
Bravo Company headed out to the boonies for another fun filled search & destroy mission. There’s Jim Miller sporting a fine M60 Machine Gun!
Dong Tam’s barracks construction crew – Bob Good facing
the camera and Stan Cockerell at middle.
Stan Cockerell – 2nd Platoon, Charlie Company
facing the camera.