2nd Platoon, A Company, 4th/47th Battalion, 2nd Brigade

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2nd Platoon troopers returning from
an exhausting three day patrol near
Dong Tam in search of the elusive
Viet Cong – April, 1967.
First a puppy, now a monkey! Who says Sonny is an animal
lover – his animal instincts must be the attraction, eh Sonny?
2nd Platoon trooper, Vincent Denny Polisano on patrol
in the Mekong Delta – April, 1967.
During a patrol on V.C. Island, 2nd Platoon Troopers check identity
papers of a several Viet Cong suspects – April 1967.
Sonny and his 2nd Platoon pals returning to Camp
Bearcat following another stinkin’ hot patrol.
There’s Sonny, still smilin’- boy, he sure enjoyed those fine scenic excursions out into the bush in search of the Viet Cong, didn’t he!
A weary Dennis Polisanao happy to have finished
another exhausting patrol. . .
2nd Platoon troopers in a Tango Landing Craft headed
back to the barracks ship following another Delta patrol.
Here’s the Mobile Riverine Force in action.  The Navy Tangos was a fine ride alright, it was the gettin’ off that was a bummer. . .
Here’s an orphanage near
Dong Tam, which was
established by a generous
United States Army.
Rick Uhey, front and center during an Alpha
Company inspection at Camp Bearcat
shortly before moving down
to the Mekong Delta – March 1967.
Miniature Golf Course! I never saw no stinkin’ Miniature Golf Course! It seems Alpha Company must’ve kept this a big secret from Charlie Company!
What!  A swimming pool!? Now this is ridiculous.
I never saw no stinkin’ swimming pool!
Alpha Company troopers enjoying a one day R & R at a beach in Vung
Tau – South Viet Nam’s resort city – May 1967.

A Dong Tam Baptism – I don’t know these men, but I sure hope they survived the June 19, 1967, Battle near Ap Bac Village.