A Company, 4th Battalion, 47th Infantry, 2nd Brigade Kien Hoa Province – March 21, 1969

Alpha Company

Letter to Al Moore, President – Mobile Riverine Force Association March 27, 2003

Hello Mr. Moore. I just want to say thanks for your wondeful Web Site which honors all the brave men of the 9th Infantry Division. My best friend, James Alfred Walker, was a member of the 9th Infantry and was killed March 21, 1969 at Kien Hoa. He was my best buddy all through grade school, junior high school and high school. He was two years older than me and he joined the U.S. Army in 1968. I skipped two days in high school and went to see him graduate from Basic Training at Fort Benning, Georgia. I still have the Program from that proud day. When James shipped out to Viet Nam, my entire family went to the Greyhound Bus Station with him, praying that he would come back safely to us. Unfortunately, he did not. I was at his house the night an Army Officer came to tell his parents that he was killed in action. That night changed my life forever, as it did his whole family. My friend was always called by the nickname of “Sandy” due to his blonde hair and complexion. He is buried not far from where I live here in central Florida. I go by his grave occasionally and think pleasant thoughts of our time together. . .we went from building forts to double dating at the local drive-in, and I’ll never forget Sandy and what he did for our Country. Thank you for allowing me to reminisce about my buddy and God Bless you all for your service to our Country. Rest assured that we will never forget those who made the ultimate sacrifice.


Mitch Morgan