2nd Platoon, C Company, 4th/47th Battalion, 2nd Brigade

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Walt, with his M-79 Grenade Launcher and PRC-25  Radio, taking a break during a patrol in the Mekong Delta.

Introduction   Greetings, Walt Radowenchuk! Young Walt first had the misfortune of being drafted into the 9th Infantry Division, but lucked out serving Basic Training in Artillery .  Again, his luck soured with reassignment to Advanced Infantry Training when he hooked up with the 2nd Platoon during the Summer of 1966. Walt’s fate continued as he shipped out to Viet Nam aboard the same troop ship with his new found buddies. Soon, there he was with the Mobile Riverine Force conducting search and destroy missions in the Mekong Delta’s murky waters, steamy jungles and muddy rice paddies. It was there, on another tedious patrol on June 19, 1967, that Walt experienced a dramatic and horrific event.  Suddenly, our tranquility exploded as a large Viet Cong force unleashed a barrage of bullets and rockets upon our unit.  

Walt abruptly found himself totally exposed in an open rice paddy and he was immediately wounded in his right wrist. Then, a bullet slammed into his left upper arm, and if that wasn’t enough, both legs were struck with Viet Cong bullets.  Talk about bad luck, eh?  Well, after what seemed like an eternity, Walt was finally loaded on a med-evac chopper for flight to Tan Son Nhut Hospital. But no!  The chopper pilot was suddenly hit by enemy fire causing his chopper to sit back down hard throwing Walt back into the muddy rice paddy.  Walt’s luck finally improved and he was ultimately flown out of that hell.  He spent one more week in Viet Nam recovering and then he was flown to Japan for a month and then to Valley Forge, Pennsylvania for another month of recovery.  Finally, Walt fully healed and was given a 30 day leave with his family before finishing his two year Army commitment at Fort Knox, Kentucky, where he drove trucks and armored personnel carriers.  Walt, your fellow Charlie Company soldiers salute you for being one tough trooper and for your outstanding service to our great Country. Bill Reynolds – October 28, 2002

Frank Schwan, being a good son writing a letter home to his folks.
Unlike Fred Harrell, a notorious “Chick Magnet”, here’s Walt, our notorious “Kid Magnet”.
Here’s Walt lookin’ like a true Southern Californian – wait a minute, he’s from Ohio. Must’ve been that heavy Southern Cal influence within Charlie Company that has him lookin’ so cool.
2nd Platoon buddies, Marion “Butch” Eakins & Walt takin’ a smoke break.  Tragically, Butch lost his life in a fierce fight on July 11, 1967. . .
January, 1967 – 2nd Platoon Troopers arriving at Camp Bearcat. Standing at left:  Frank Modde, Wilson Burleson, Ronnie Bryan, Bill Varsafsky, Curtis Irvin, Walt Radowenchuk, Ronnie Reynolds, and Donald Jackson sitting in front.
Freddie Harrell & Earl Eddings spell double trouble when these two are on the loose.
Here’s Walt wielding a machete; a necessary tool for patrolling dense jungles around Camp Bearcat
Armed and Dangerous are these pack of 20 year old warriors.  How scary is that!  From Left:  Mario Lopez (California), Jimmie Salazar (Texas), Bill Reynolds (California), Ray Layman (Ohio), Freddie Harrell (Georgia), Harold Exum (Texas), Frank Schwan (Ohio), and Earl Eddings (Tennessee).
January, 1967 – Our troop ship, the USS General John Pope, at Okinawa where we had a 5 hour layover for refueling and resupplies.  Some of the fellas hit the bars pretty hard – isn’t that right, Gil Rodriguez. . .
Walt eating a pineapple at Vung Tau. We ate so many of those ’til our mouths hurt.
Ray Layman on guard duty enjoying a Shasta.
February, 1967 – Camp Bearcat. 2nd Platoon troopers building their living facilities.