3rd Platoon, C Company, 4th/47th Battalion, 2nd Brigade

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Here’s one of Tom’s most prized
possessions – Award Of The Bronze Star
Medal For Heroism, which he earned in
battle on October 6, 1967. At least one
4th/47th gallant soldier gave the ultimate
sacrifice that day and several
others were wounded.
Tom’s R & R Card for his mighty
important 1 week vacation from Viet Nam to be with his wife Vicky.
Military Money that Tom saved for over 33 years!
Tom’s Meal Card…..this must have gained Tom numerous C Ration Meals throughout his lovely stay in Southeast Asia.
Left:  Tim Fischer, Jim Cusanelli, Joe Marr, John Howell, Tony Caliari John Bradfield, Steve Hopper, and Tom Conroy. 3rd Platoon troopers at Charlie Company’s 1989 Reunion in Las Vegas.
Tom Conroy’s purely excellent hobby – Refurbishing his1957 Chevy.  Very nice work, Tom!  Photo taken September, 2007.