2nd Platoon, C Company, 4th/47th Battalion, 2nd Brigade

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Introduction   Stan Cockerell was another one of those lucky young Southern California lads from the San Fernando Valley who also received his “Greetings” from Uncle Sam back in May of 1966.  He arrived at Fort Riley, Kansas like the rest of us……with that certain “never been away from home before” nervousness. We were all instantly treated so kindly…..ha!  Stan was a quick learner and he excelled during Basic Training and Advanced Infantry Training becoming a proficient grenadier and machine gunner, and an expert rifleman.  Stan was a guy that any of us could count on – I believe he epitomized our unit’s nickname, “The Old Reliables”.   Stan was in my squad and he was also one of my favorite drinkin’ buddies every time we were allowed a day off on R & R to Vung Tau, which was not often enough! Meg, and I had the pleasure of visiting with Stan and his wife, Linda, for the Mobile Riverine Force Association’s Veteran’s Day celebration in Washington D.C. this year.  Being with Stan again and sharing stories brought back many fond memories of our former comrades.                    Bill Reynolds – December 26, 2000

Colonel Guy Tutwiler, 4th/47th Commander, and Captain Rollo Larson, C Company Commander, at  our Company party celebrating the end of training at Fort Riley, Kansas – Nov 1967.
Sergeant Robert Smith – Charlie Company’s Cook.
Steve Moede – a fine soldier from the San Fernando Valley; he later became a member of
the Los Angeles Police Dept.
4th Battalion’s troop ship, USS General John Pope, docks at Okinawa for refueling and resupply. The troops got a five hour pass – just enough time to get rip-roaring drunk. January 21, 1967.
Shortly after arrival at Camp Bearcat, 2nd Platoon troops build up their base camp area by setting up tents, digging mortar trenches and fill sand bags. February 3, 1967.
Home sweet home! Willie McTear standing, Frank Modde
& Howard Green sitting/facing away and Bill Varsafsky back there.
2nd Platoon’s Howard Green and Jimmie Salazar with Harold Exum looking on from the tent.
Stan Cockrell sitting on his bunk, which was right next to Bill Reynolds’ bunk at Dong Tam.
Bill Reynolds writing a letter home to his mother shortly after arriving at Camp Bearcat – February, 1967.
Stan Cockerell and Larry Walter, 2 cool Southern Cal lads.
Curtis Irvin and Larry Hoyle at Vung Tau harbor.
Looks like Stan joined the fellas for a little C.C.  Do ya think Evan Layman took this photo and Stan took the next one.
Left:  Curtis Irvin, Larry Walter, Bob Ehlert, and Evan Layman enjoying a bottle of Canadian Club on a break between patrols.
2nd Platoon discovers a camouflaged Viet Cong Bunker in the vicinity of Camp Bearcat – February, 1967.
Sergeant Gil Rodriguez grabbing some shade during
a patrol on another sizzling hot day.
Harold Exum, from Texas, and Ronnie Reynolds, from Arkansas, taking full advantage of Camp Bearcat’s luxurious facilities.
2nd Platoon troopers headed into the Rung Sat swamp via chopper.
Evan Layman and Sergeant Dan Kerr checkin’ out two locals, who
were likely farmers by day and Viet Cong by night.
Frank Modde on patrol.
USS Montrose – one of the troop ship homes for the Mobile
Riverine Force in the Mekong Delta – April, 1967.
Donald Jackson & Willie McTear
taking a beer break between patrols.