Bob Ehlert hangin’ out in the troops sleeping quarters aboard a Mobile Riverine Force barracks ship in the Mekong Delta. hoto taken approximately April ’67 about one month before Bob was wounded.

Introduction:   Bob Ehlert was one of the most respected and well liked soldiers in the 2nd Platoon.  Big Bob could always be counted on to carry the load and get the job done.  I will never forget the day Bob was wounded. It was on June 5, 1967 as we were patrolling “VC Island” in the Mekong River. I was walking point and Bob was about 15 feet behind me when a sniper opened up on us.  I could just feel the bullets whistling past my head as I threw myself to the ground and rolled into a ditch. Without hesitation, Lt. Jack brought the 2nd Platoon troopers up and everyone blasted away like it was WWIII. The sniper was silenced and we discovered that Bob had been hit three times. He was so lucky as not one bullet had struck any vital parts. Lt. Jack called for a medivac chopper to haul Bob out of the bush and the rest of us chopped out a (LZ) landing zone for the chopper. That was the last time that any of us saw Bob, however, we did receive word that he was going to be okay.  After Viet Nam, I was assigned to Fort Leonard Wood to train Basic Trainees.  One day in March of 1968, I was walking to the PX when all of a sudden, this big deuce and a half came screeching to a stop right next to me.  I looked up and there was Big Bob sittin’ there grinnin’ at me. Boy, did we have a great time catching up on all of the news about our 2nd Platoon buddies. Bob, you were a great friend back then and you will always be a part of our special Charlie Company family.              Bill Reynolds – February 4, 2001

Bob Ehlert checkin’ out a Viet Cong booby trap.
2nd Platoon troopers returning from a Mekong Delta patrol to a Mobile Riverine Force barracks ship.  Left: James Holstine, Curtis Irvin, Bob Ehlert, and Bill Reynolds.
March, 1967 – shortly after Charlie Company arrived in Dong Tam.
  From Left: Stan Cockerell, Curtis Irvin, Fred Kenney, Bob Ehlert, & Steve Moede (wearing shirt). Fred Kenney was killed in action July 11, 1967.
The USS Benewah’s pontoon and
a Mobile Riverine Force Monitor.
James Holstine and Gil Rodriguez at Camp Bearcat – February, 1967.
Bob Ehlert and Bill Varsafsky towing a raft with equipment across another stinkin’ stream in the Rung Sat.  This was a “day in the life” for 2nd Platoon troopers.
2nd Platoon troopers playin’ Hearts between patrols on a barracks ship. Left:  Bill Varsafsky, Larry Walter and Ronnie Bryan.  Those hands belong to Bill Reynolds, the King of Heart Card Players! Haha!
Bob French and Evan Layman at their
Camp Bearcat tent – February, 1967.
Harold Exum, Bob Ehlert and Stan Cockerell – looks like Ronnie Bryan just behind Harold.  This was just before Harold left the 2nd Platoon to become a Huey Door Machine Gunner.
2nd Platoon machine gunner, Frank Schwan, on Patrol searching for Viet Cong.
Larry Walter & Bob Ehlert
displaying their war trophy French
rifles taken from a Viet Cong
weapons cache found in a tree
storage structure by the 2nd
Platoon in the Rung Sat. 13 of
these rifles (along with a ton of
munitions) were found and
claimed by 2nd Platoon troopers
that day.  However, the rifles
were returned to Dong Tam and
stolen by rear echelon personnel.
Curtis Irvin in front, Evan Layman on the left and
Harold Exum taking a breather while on patrol.
“Old Reliables” Drinkin’ Buddies
Stan Cockerell, Ronnie Bryan
and Bill Reynolds.
Bill Geier, Bob Ehlert (standing) and Ronnie completely unable to walk or talk……again.
Sergeant William Leurquin dragging Ronnie onto a boat following a heavy duty, industrial strength drinkin’ party with a group of Australian soldiers at Vung Tau.
Big Bob Ehlert takin’ a deuce and a half ride outside of Dong Tam.
 Photo provided by Bill Varsafsky.
Bill Varsafsky and Stan Cockerell
Bob Ehlert and Tim Mathison – life long buddies together at Camp Bearcat – March 1967.  Tim was with 2nd Platoon – Alpha Company.