3rd Platoon, C Company, 4th/47th Battalion, 2nd Brigade

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3rd Squad, 3rd Platoon, Charlie Company – there’s Richard Rubio at top row 2nd from left and his Canoga Park High School classmate, Fred Kenney at top center. Photo taken at Fort Riley’s famous Custer Hill – Summer 1966
There’s Richard & John Howell at center as Charlie Company joins the Mobile Riverine Force in the Mekong Delta – May of 1967.
Forrest Ramos (KIA June 19, 1967) & Richard aboard the USS General John Pope enroute to Vietnam Jan ’67.
Here’s Richard on break during a 3rd Platoon patrol in the Mekong Delta. . .
John Howell, Richard Rubio, Fred Kenney, and Forrest Ramos all set for another combat mission in the Mekong Delta.  On June 19, 1967, we lost Forrest and then on July 11th we lost Fred.
I don’t recognize the soldier at left but there’s handsome Tom Conroy (when he had hair) shining up those mighty fine jungle boots.
Richard on a break between patrols at Dong Tam in the Mekong Delta.
There’s Steve Hopper at center with John Bradfield behind him & Bill Riley at the right. Judging by Steve’s fatigues, I believe
this photo was taken at Camp Bearcat approx March ’67.
Porky Johnson sitting & Ron Vidovic standing.
Don’t know the soldier at left but there’s Tom Conroy at
right – I believe this is at Dong Tam.
Richard and I don’t know who. . .
??, Tom Conroy and Richard Rubio
Richard Rubio and Bill Riley
Richard and Fred Kenney
Here’s James “Smitty” Smith lookin’ fine.
Here’s Richard and the 3rd Platoon headed out to the boonies in the Mekong Delta to search for VC.
Richard Rubio headed to Vietnam!