Mortars Platoon, C Company, 4th/47th Battalion, 2nd Brigade

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It’s late December,
1966 and Richard is on leave in Northridge,
California prior to
shipping out to Viet Nam

Introduction   Richard Northcott is one of the most fortunate Charlie Company troopers that I have the pleasure of knowing.  During the June 19, 1967 battle near Ap Bac village – in rice paddies south of Saigon – Richard’s platoon was caught in the ambush and was practically wiped out. The ambush erupted with small automatic weapons, 50 caliber machine guns and recoilless rifles sending bullets and rockets flying as Richard and his platoon members were traveling in small boats up the narrow creek that separated the main force of Charlie Company and the entrenched Viet Cong.  Two Mortars Platoon squads in those boats were instantly killed.  Richard’s boat was thoroughly shot up, but he somehow avoided being hit while he swam to shore.  It was an absolute miracle that he survived.      Bill Reynolds – 10/30/00

Richard having a fine time with his new M-16 at a Fort Riley rifle range.
“Bald head appreciation day” in Oakland, Calif. as Richard & his buddies prepare to board USS General John Pope – January 1967.
Leaving Okinawa after a brief stop for refueling and new supplies.
Those powdered eggs were gettin’ real old by the time we got to Okinawa. Hey, that looks John Bauler to the front right.
Richard is having a lovely little voyage to
Southeast Asia
………. how nice!   Is that a smile?
Mortars Platoon Troopers headed to Vung Tau
shores via LST from the USS General John Pope.
Charlie Company on the truck convoy from Vung Tau to Camp Bear Cat – Late January, 1967. It seemed a long ride as we had no idea what we were in for – I recall the nasty odor as we approached each small village along the way.
Mortars Platoon Troopers building tents shortly after arriving at Camp Bearcat – January 1967.
Here’s the Mortars Platoon Troopers goin’ on one of our first patrols near Camp Bearcat – February, 1967.
Charlie Company troopers burned
down this small village – the inhabitants supported local Viet Cong forces.
Anyone see my contact lens?
Lovely day for a stroll…… the rain, again.