1st Platoon, C Company, 4th/47th Battalion, 2nd Brigade

Paul Roy and Dave Jarczewski in the chow line at Camp Bearcat – March, 1967.
1st Platoon troopers on patrol in the Mekong Delta – John Sclimenti has his left hand on Paul Roy’s shoulder.
Here’s John Young just lovin’ all the mud and goo down in the Mekong Delta.
1st Platoon troopers – from left – Don Dietrich, Doug Wilson, Gary Gronseth, Charlie Nelson, Jim Dennison, Paul Roy, and Dave Davidson (reading). Camp Bearcat – March ’67.
Larry Lilley – 1st Platoon RTO – smokin’ on patrol in the stinkin’ rotten Rung Sat.
Gary Gronseth, Steve Huntsman, John Sclimenti, and pipe smokin’ Doug Wilson.
Gene Harvey on patrol near Camp Bearcat.
Southern California trooper, John Sclimenti wondering if any V.C. are out there. . .
1st Platoon Troopers Top left: Jon McConnell, John Bauler, Paul Roy, Enoch Scott (medic). Lower left:  James Nall and Gene Harvey.
What, me worry?  Doug Parkinson with his trusty camera and M-16 at the ready.
Martin Renert, Paul Roy and Rich Cardia – looks like Paul is admiring his new CIB, which was well earned.
Martin Renert, Rich Cardia, & Ben “Ace” Acevedo hangin’ out at Camp Bearcat between patrols.
John Young at left and Ben Acevedo at far right – the fellas are jokin’ around with local South Vietnamese near Dong Tam in the Mekong Delta.
“Detroit” Dave Davidson at Camp Bearcat – March 1967.
1st Platoon troopers takin’ a break on patrol near Dong Tam – Gary Gronseth (left), Gary “Doc” Maibach (sitting) and Robert Hausner.
Tom Myers, Kenny Frakes and Jon McConnell on KP at Dong Tam. A hated duty, but it sure beats searching for V.C. During our June 19, 1967 Battle, Kenny Frakes of Palmdale, California gave the ultimate sacrifice for freedom.