1st Platoon, C Company, 4th/47th Battalion, 2nd Brigade

May 1967 – Mekong Delta. Charlie Company on the move from Dong Tam onto a Navy Barracks Ship as the Mobile Riverine Force assembles into one of America’s most unique fighting forces.  There’s Marvin Grover front and center in this photo.

Larry Lilley wrote on the back of this photo:  Sept. 25th (1967) – Vung Tau Harbor.  Marvin Grover and I have been through a “World of Shit” together and this is my last day with my buddies – only three of us left. Signed – Short Timer 76 days to go.
Photo courtesy of Larry Lilley.
1st Platoon buddies – L to R:  Ron Pleacher, ??, Marvin, Larry Lilley (top), Richard Hunt, and Bob Eisenbaugh
Marvin takin’ a break & a few tunes between patrols down in the Mekong Delta. . .
Marvin aboard the USS Benewah at Vung Tau Harbor.
Camp Bearcat, March 1967 – Marvin’s 1st Platoon pals. At lLeft: Dave Jarczewski (New York), Larry Lilley (California) and Don Peterson (California).
1st Platoon buddies – Ben Acevedo (Washington), Marvin, Jim Dennison (California), Danny Bailey (Washington), and Gary “Doc” Maibach (Ohio) in front.
Marvin and his buddy are, apparently, completely unimpressed with the giant green banana.
Original “Old Reliables” trained at Fort Riley.  Ben Acevedo, Marvin and Jim Stephens.
1st Platoon troopers aboard the USS Colleton down in the Mekong Delta. . .