2nd Platoon, C Company, 4th/47th Battalion, 2nd Brigade

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This is exactly how I remember Larry – always happy on patrol carrying his fine M-16 & lookin’ for those sneaky Viet Cong.
From left: Jimmie Salazar, Fred Harrell, Earl Eddings, a
Viet Cong suspect, and Sergeant George “Smitty” Smith.
Lt. Jack Benedick observes as Fred Harrell searches belongings of this local villager and Viet Cong suspect.  Typically, these guys ere farmers by day and Viet Cong soldiers by night.
Idoluis Casares – another most excellent trooper from the great Lone Star State of Texas!
Good buddies, Mike Cramer and Larry Hoyle – two fine
Southern California lads relaxing at Dong Tam.
Lt. Jack Benedick looks on Sergeant George Smith and Fred Harrell cut
down a tree to enable a chopper to resupply 2nd Platoon troopers.
Larry Hoyle fillin’ canteens with that lovely Mekong Delta river water – ughhhh!
Harold Exum (sitting & facing forward) and Sergeant Dan
Kerr standing over a couple of Viet Cong suspects.
Lt. Jack Benedick lookin’ for a decent place
to cross another stinkin’ river
Steve Moede from Reseda, California and Idoluis Casares
Brownsville, Texas found a dry place for a smoke break.
Mike Cramer resting between patrols at Dong Tam. Mike is thinking, where is my girl, Pat and where is my car….
Okay, we’re either burnin’ out a chopper Landing Zone or alerting the Viet Cong of our location…….maybe both, eh.
Here’s Larry Hoyle lookin’ forward to the next patrol and firing his big bad M-16!
Looks like our resupply chopper made it in with more ammo and c-rations …….yummy!