1st Platoon, C Company, 4th/47th Battalion, 2nd Brigade

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Sergeant John Young near Camp
Bearcat. February, 1967. John, you
were so young and so dedicated.

Introduction Sergeant John Young will always be remembered as one of the most dedicated and disciplined soldiers in our entire battalion. He was designated as Charlie Company’s Outstanding Trainee at our graduation ceremony on July 22, 1966. If that wasn’t enough, he was also selected as the entire Battalion’s Outstanding Trainee! John seemed to be a born leader and he carried his inherent abilities from the training grounds at Fort Riley, Kansas, to the jungles, rice paddies, swamps, and bloody battlefields in the Mekong Delta. His no nonsense attitude was well respected by his men and his leaders – everyone knew he could be counted upon to achieve the mission and that he would be there to pull a buddy to safety no matter the circumstances. Though, we have not seen each other in over 32 years, I am very proud to call him my friend – afterall, he and I, as well as all the men who came together at Fort Riley and went into combat, are all part of our “Extended Family.                  Bill Reynolds – November 5, 2000

1st Platoon’s last group photo – Summer 1967.  While the film
was processed during the following 2 weeks, approximately
half of these troopers were either wounded or killed in action.
Here’s SFC Buford Hoover, SGT John Young’s best friend and most respected NCO.
Two of Charlie Company’s excellent Lieutenants.
Lt. John T. Hoskins and Lt. Charles “Duffy” Black.
Camp Bearcat, early 1967 – 1st Platoon’s Best Buddy, Don Peterson.  Don was killed in action May 15, 1967.
Ben “Ace” Acevedo hangin’ out with a local boy at the perimeter of the Rubber Plantation.  Nice hair doo, Ben!
Another stinkin’ sign that no one
paid any attention to whatsoever!
2nd Platoon troopers on a break – Machine Gunner Frank Schwan (right) was seriously wounded during our July 11, 1967, Battle – 4 in his squad were killed in that action.
Look Magazine Photo for the story on Gary “Doc”
aibach.  Left: Dave Jarczewski, Bobby Balch,
Ben Acevedo, John Young, Clarence Shires,
John Sclimenti, and Doc Maibach kneeling in front.
2nd Platoon’s Sgt. Gil
Rodriguez – Rubber Plantation.
2nd Platoon’s Idoluis Casares.
John Young visiting the 2nd
Platoon. Bill Reynolds reading & Sergeant George “Smitty” Smith behind.  Smitty was killed in action July 11, 1967.
Fred “Moon” McMillin enjoying beer!
Pontoon Beer Party – Ben Acevedo & buddies.
1st Platoon’s sandbag party – Left:  Marvin Grover, John Sclimenti sitting, Moon McMillin being held & Bobby Balch leaning over.
1st Platoon suckin’ down beers, again! That’s Richard Lauzier at center & “California” James Ericsson to the right.
2nd Platoon’s Sergeant Dan Kerr.
Mortars Platoon – SSGT. Pedro Blas.
One Fine View Of Dong Tam……..UGH!
Another Really Fine View lookin’ the other way…….#@*&%!!