1st Platoon, C Company, 4th/47th Battalion, 2nd Brigade

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Ben Acevedo & John Sclimenti ready for another patrol out of Camp Bearcat.
Troopers Todd Kissel, Mike Black (2nd Plt) & John Sclimenti (1st Plt) Photo taken during Basic Training at Fort Riley, Kanas – Summer 1966
1st Platoon troopers – Left: Robert Hausner, Cecil Bridges, Marvin Grover, ??, Don Peterson, Larry Shipman, & ??.
Here’s a photo John sent from Dong Tam to his wife Aug 1967 – on the back he wrote, “I love you honey!”
Army issue beer – Marvin Grover, John Sclimenti and
Jim Stephens – Camp Bearcat, March 1967.
1st Platoon troopers, at left: James Ericsson, Richard Norwood, John Sclimenti, ? Vreda, & Doug Wilson -Camp Bearcat.
Sleeping quartersaboard the USS Colleton – John Sclimenti at left, John Bauler at right & ? Vreda at lower center.
Here’s John in our sleeping quarters aboard the USS
Weschester somewhere along the Mekong River – Oct 1967.
John Sclimenti and his pal Vreda
Here’s John bringing in a faux Huey Helicopter.
Man, who doesn’t love an
M60 Machine Gun!?
Who is this 1st Platoon trooper checking out a starlight scope. 
God only knows what’s goin’ on here… ?