1st Platoon, C Company, 4th/47th Battalion, 2nd Brigade

Fort Riley, July 1966 – John Bauler celebrating Basic Training Graduation Day.

Photos contributed by his sister, Judy Bauler Root.
April 9, 2005

September 1966 – California boys, Don Peterson, John Bauler and Kenny Frakes goofin’ around in the barracksat Fort Riley.  Tragically, both Don and Kenny gave the ultimate sacrifice May 15, 1967 and June 19, 1967 respectively in the Mekong Delta.
February 1967, Camp Bearcat – John and his pet cat, which he found as a kitten aboard our troop ship, the “USS General John Pope”, enroute to Viet Nam.
April 1967, Vung Tau – 1st Platoon Troopers on a 1 day R & R.  Clockwise: Ben Acevedo (front), John Howell, John Bauler, Don Peterson, Jim Dennison, and Doug Wilson.

September 1966, Fort Riley – 1st Platoon troopers showing off their skin heads – John layin’ in front facing the camera.