2nd Platoon, C Company, 4th/47th Battalion, 2nd Brigade

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Introduction Here’s another one of 2nd Platoon’s original troopers out of Fort Riley, Kansas. Jimmie Salazar is one of the fortunate 13 members of our 2nd Platoon who survived and stayed with the Unit throughout 1967. On our patrols and in combat, Jimmie proved time and again, that he was the epitome of the Old Reliables. Everyone knew that he was tough and could be counted on when the going got tough. And too often, it was tough.  Back in January, 1968, Jimmie, James Holstine and I travelled together back from Viet Nam to the “World of Round Door Knobs” – that would be the good ole USA.  That was one of our happiest days of our lives!  But then, I don’t think Jimmie ever had an unhappy day as he was always one of the most jovial soldiers in our Unit.  I can’t think of anything that could knock that big smile off his face.  Back at Fort Riley on our training bivoucs, he used to have so much fun sneakin’ up on guys while they were tryin’ to catch a little shut-eye and rattle some weeds that sounded like a rattlesnake. All of us would jump and holler and he would be so delighted with himself.  Jimmie, what a solid trooper you were and such a great fun loving person.  I wish you all the happiness forever!                 

    Bill Reynolds – April 13, 2001

Bill Reynolds, ??, Fred Harrell, and Mario Lopez at Dong Tam’s perimeter bumkers – September, 1967.
Jimmie with his two grandson’s Jimmie Salazar III & Tristan on Veterans Day 2011 placing US Flags at their local cemetery.
Jimmie’s buddies, James Nall, Henry Hubbard and
Willie McTear at Dong Tam
“Lucky” Earl Eddings, from Tennessee, displaying his scarred nose thanks to a Viet Cong bullet.
Mike Cramer, Jerry Farber, James Holstine and several other 2nd Platoon replacements troopers standing behind.
Fred Harrell greeting Jimmie upon his return from the hospital – Jimmie was wounded during the June 19th Battle
Charlie Company arriving at Camp Bearcat via truck convoy several hours after coming ashore at Vung Tau – January, 1967. There’s Doc Maibach on the left
Life in the sleeping quarters aboard a Mobile Riverine
Barracks Ship. Jimmie with James Holstine and Sgt. Dan Kerr.
Bunkered down on Dong Tam’s perimeter, Mario Lopez writing a meaningful message on his helmet while Frank Schwan writes a letter to his family. 
Mario Lopez, Bill Reynolds and Harold ? playing an intense card game of Hearts in a Dong Tam perimeter bunker.
Playin’ cards and lookin’ at photos on a barracks ship:
 Martinez, Jimmie, Garcia, and Gil Rodriguez.
Fred Harrell (right) entertaining the troops!
Captain Herbert E. Lind and First Sergeant Lynn D. Crockett, a massive man, who seemed to us young draftees back at Fort Riley to be about 7 feet tall .
Dong Tam – Mike Cramer taking a photo while Jimmie Salazar strikes a pose!
Charlie Company between patrols and having a beer break on the pontoon. Fred Harrell at left drinkin’ a beer, Jimmie with Richard Hernandez and Richard Vidal.
Remove the bunker and barbed wire and it appears that Mario Lopez is in Hawaii.  But no, he’s on guard duty in the Mekong Delta!
John Young on the left with James Ericsson over his left shoulder, Kenny Mullins facing the camara, and Curtis Irvin on the top bunk.
Danny Fischer, comfortably taking a break in his fine bunk.
There’s Tom White (from Florida) along with other Charlie
Company troopers dryin’ out their feet between patrols.
Bob French (from Florida) on the left in our sleepin quarters on a Mobile Riverine Barracks Ship.
I believe this is Sergeant Bobby Balch – Jimmie gave him first-aid when he was hit by a Viet Cong bullet.
Medic Aron De La Cruz on the right with his friend Don Maynard
on the right – anyone know who is in the center here?
Sergeant Ted Searcy smokin’ a stogie
Man o Man….here’s double trouble waiting to happen!  Two 2nd Platoon rowdy soldiers – Jimmie from Austin, Texas and his good buddy Fred Harrell from Macon, Georgia.