3rd Platoon, C Company, 4th/47th Battalion, 2nd Brigade

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All girl Vietnamese band, the “Blue Stars”, put on a show for us on the USS Benewah while crusin’ the Mekong River.  Wasn’t exactly the Beach Boys, but we were happy.
A chopper landing on a Mobile Riverine Force supply ship, LST 854, for supplies.
Jace, aboard the USS Montrose, relaxing between patrols – Vung Tau Harbor.
One of our landing craft headed out in the early hours to pick up an Alpha Company Platoon on patrol, then back to the Benewah to take us out to the swamps. . .
The Rung Sat was nasty?  Jace in another stinking stream.  Notice he was smart to double wrap his handset in plastic.
Here ya go for that fabulous vacation destination – luxury suites along the scenic Mekong River.
General William C. Westmoreland lookin’ mighty young and fit.  Who are these other guys?
One of the smaller victims of War. . .
South Viet Nam’s Premier Ky, his wife and an entourage.
It’s Monsoon Season and here’s one big problem.
At a Saigon hospital, Jace recovers from immersion foot & weight loss – down 100lbs from his induction weight.
Here’s Ron Vidovic shortly after a Viet Cong land mine exploded on a rice paddy dike.  August 5, 1967 was a bad day for Ron, but he is so happy to have survived – and all of his Charlie Company buddies are so happy for him.