1st Platoon, C Company, 4th Battalion, 47th Infantry

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Introduction Doc Maibach – talk to any former member of Charlie Company and you will hear repeated stories of Doc’s bravery and how he routinely placed himself in jeopardy while rendering aid to fallen soldiers. The article shown on the next page, taken from Look Magazine’s December 26, 1967 publication, is a clear testament to Doc’s commitment to helping fellow human beings in dire need. I have spoken to a number of former Charlie Company soldiers and everyone one of them hold the highest level of respect for Doc.  He doesn’t think about it due to his humble nature, but Doc, there is no doubt about it – you are a true American hero and we are all very proud of you!                            Bill Reynolds – February 16, 2001

40 Years after first joining Charlie Company,
just look at Doc’s accomplishments:  what a
fine family. Doc, you are “The Man”!
July, 1967 – 1st Platoon troopers – Top: Ernie Hartman, Duane Dewitt, Bob Eisenbach, John Sclimenti, John Bauler, James Nall. Middle:  James Stephens, Larry Lilley, Gary McCain, Doc Maibach, Ralph Wilson.  Lower:  Jim Dennison, Hammett, Danny Bailey
John Sclimenti, Larry Lilley, John Bauler (behind Lilley), and Benjamin “Ace” Acevedo – May, 1967.
One thing is certain, Doc Maibach really knew how to relax when it was time to kick back – it’s no wonder that he was so cool under fire.
December, 1967 – Charlie Company aboard ATC’s returning from patrol on
Route 66 – one of the main waterways to and from enemy territory.
December, 1967 – 1st Platoon troopers headed
out on patrol in the Mekong Delta.
August 2, 1967 – Charlie Company troopers prepare to leave
the USS Colleton for return to Dong Tam. There’s Larry Lilley
facing the camera and as always, still smiling.
John Bauler and Sgt. Bobby Balch headed out of Camp Bearcat with the 1st Platoon on patrol – March, 1967.  Notice Sgt. Balch’s aluminum bow.
Don’t ya get the feelin’ Doc Maibach really loved Army life – always smilin’.
What a great attitude, Doc!
March, 1967 – 1st Platoon goin’ on patrol just
outside of Camp Bearcat. That’s Larry Morgan (RTO)
with Jerry Specht carrying an M-60 behind him.
March, 1967 at Camp Bearcat – 1. James Nall. 2. Gary Gronseth.
 3. Enoch Scott. 4. Ssgt. Anderson. 5. Lt. Jack Benedick.
Riverine troopers returning from patrol in the Mekong Delta and getting washed off before going aboard our
barracks ship. December, 1967.
February, 1967 – Camp Bearcat. 1st Platoon troopers diggin’ mortar trenches. Don Peterson at left & Jim Stephenson standing at right and talking to John Sclimenti.