2nd Platoon, C Company, 4th/47th Battalion, 2nd Brigade

Jimmie Salazar & Fred Harrell relaxing between
 patrols down in the Mekong Delta. Fred, you handsome rascal, ya coulda been a movie star!

This Page honors the memory of our good
friend, Fred Harrell, who sadly passed
away January 6, 2005.  These photos
were contributed by Ronnie Reynolds,
Jimmie Salazar and Jack Benedick. Tom
White attended Fred’s Fred Funeral and
he provided the Memorial Card below.

Jimmie returning to Dong Tam from the hospital after being wounded and Fred was right there to properly welcome him back.
Here’s Freddie playing guitar and singing – not only was Fred an excellent soldier, he was also a very talented musician, who always kept our spirits up.
Fred, aboard the USS Benewah
at Vung Tau Harbor.
Fred actin’ like he’s throwing his good buddy Earl Eddings off the barracks ship.
June 28, 2004 – Dublin, Georgia. Jack Benedick & Fred
having a fine visit for the first time since 1967.
Whoa – looks like Freddie needed that wheelbarrow
to haul in that load of fish!
Fred’s pride & joy.  2 beautiful children!