C Company, 4th/47th Battalion, 2nd Brigade

Lt. Colonel Guy Tutwiler awards Captain Rollo Larson the Bronze – approx. May 1967.
Photos contributed by
Lt. Lynn Hunt
1st Platoon, Charlie
Company, 4th/47th.
Elements of Captain Larson’s Charlie
Company ready to depart Fort Riley’s Custer
Hill training facility for Oakland, California
to board the troop ship, USS General John
Pope for a 3-week journey to South Vietnam.
January 1967 (notice the snow).
The photo above is aboard the USS General John Pope; we’re either just boarding in Oakland or just arriving
in Okinawa for refueling – January 1967.
The photos at right show us debarking our troops ship
& getting ready to ride deuce and a halfs to Camp
Bearcat. Oh happy days!