2nd Platoon, C Company, 4th/47th Battalion, 2nd Brigade

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Bill Varsafsky keeping an eye on several Viet Cong suspects.
2nd Platoon Trooper, Danny Fisher
Jerry Farber and Bill between patrols at Dong Tam.
Lt. Jack and his map.
Rollie Gangler and Bill Varsafsky
Mr. Bill fraternizing with the locals.
Bill Varsafsky and friends.
Bill Reynolds and his little buddy.
Mr. Varsafsky, what the hell are you doing? Searching for another snack……hmmmm?
Ahhhh, the wonderful views of the beautiful Mekong Delta.  I bet this reminded Bill of his home town back in the State of Washington – notice all the puddles.
Southern Cal lads, Bill Reynolds and Larry Walter with their
new friend at Dong Tam’s dredge site.
Here’s Sergeant William M. Leurguin, one of 2nd
Platoon’s senior non-commissioned officers.
Hello Mario Lopez! Another outstanding 2nd Platoon machine gunner and also a pretty darn good poker player. By the way, Jimmie Salazar is lookin’ for you.
Long tall Frank Modde – what a great guy
he was and a true “Old Reliable” soldier!
Creative soldier, Tom Hogle(Syracuse, New York) striving to protect his fair Irish skin from Viet Nam’s brutal sun.
Two lads from sunny Southern California – Jerry Farber
and Bill Reynolds with their new girlfriend.
Our good friend Frank Modde – sadly, only a few years after surviving Viet Nam, Frank lost his life in a motorcycle accident near his home.
Lt. Jack Benedick’s 2nd Platoon goin’ mechanized on patrol. There’s Jerry Farber front/center and there’s Lt. Jack standing & wearing a jungle hat.
Bill Reynolds packin’ a whole lot
of M-16 ammo.
“Sharpshooter” Earl Eddings from
Tennessee – he always carried a big load.
Bill Reynolds and Mike Cramer – the 2nd Platoon patrolling the Plain Of Reeds.
Camp Bearcat – February 1967.  Larry Walter, Gene Harvey and ??
Bill Geier from Maywood, Illinois.
2nd Platoon troopers shortly after arriving in Dong Tam – March 1967. Left: ??, Larry Walter, Stan Cockerell and Bob Ehlert.
Bill Geier – 2nd Platoon’s heroic medic lost his life in battle June 19th while rendering aid to our wounded.
You’re lookin’ good, Jimmie “Mustang Sally” Salazar from Texas.
Hey Willie Williams, where are
you these days?
Ron Schworer from Las Vegas lost his life to friendly fire in the Rung Sat April 9, 1967.