1st Platoon, C Company, 4th/47th Battalion, 2nd Brigade

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Bill carrying an M-79 Grenade Launcher during
a routine patrol in the Mekong Delta with the 1st Platoon.

Introduction   Here’s Mr. William A. Reed of Lancaster, California.  Bill was another one of those very lucky young men drafted on May 17, 1966 to become an “Old Reliable” with the famous 9th Infantry Division as it was reactivated at Fort Riley, Kansas. Bill quickly adapted to soldiering and the right way of doing things in the Army.  He just loved Army life so much that he almost made it a career – Not!  At any rate, being a bright young man, Bill became an excellent soldier and was promptly promoted to squad leader in the 1st Platoon.  Of course, he was totally motivated to rapidly move up in order to avoid unpleasant assignments such as K.P., guard duty, cleaning latrines, etc.  Thanks to good ole Uncle Sam, Bill’s early management abilities surfaced as he preferred to delegate rather than actually doing the work himself.

Bill was right with us all for the nice little train ride from Fort Riley out to Oakland, California and then to Viet Nam aboard the troop ship. He survived numerous firefights and battles with the Viet Cong until July of 1967 when he was transferred to the 2nd/60th (another 9th Division Battalion) as part of the infusion program.  Still fortunate in his new unit, he continued to avoid injuries. This is quite amazing as our unit experienced approximately 80% casualties ……..wounded and/or killed in action.

After the Army, Bill went to work for Lockheed Corporation, where his newly acquired management skills were rapidly utilized.  I too, went to work for Lockheed about that time – Bill and I came in contact with each other over the years, but it wasn’t until year 2000 that we suddenly realized that we had experienced combat together so many years ago. For this amazing story, click above on “The Tale of Three Soldiers”. Bill will soon retire from Lockheed and I congratulate him for his successful career.  Having served our country in combat when he was called upon and for his long dedicated service in the defense industry, you would have to agree that Mr. William A. Reed of Lancaster, California is a true American patriot.  Thank you Bill and Welcome Home, brother.                               

Bill Reynolds – April 20, 2002

Bill Reed to the left, Richard Rubio (RTO) sitting to the right and James Nall sitting down the line.
Pals, Larry Lilley & Bill Reed aboard the USS General John Pope headed to Viet Nam.  They were drafted from their hometown,  Lancaster, California on May 17, 1966.
Bill smilin’ despite his transfer from C Company, 4th/47th – he finds himself with the 2nd/60th in late July 1967.
1st Platoon trooper Bill Reed checkin’ a hooch 
Bill Reed seemingly waitin’ on a bus to get outta there.
Bill seems to be to be sayin’, can I fire my M-79 Grenade Launcher now, huh, huh?
Bill with dark hair – amazing! Wait a minute, is it possible that he’s sportin’ a moustache?
Bill and buddy proudly displaying a captured North Vietnamese Flag in the Mekong Delta.
Bill Reed & Ron Vineyard with their fine pup-tent on bivouc at Fort Riley.
Oh Boy, calisthenics!  A favorite activity during our 3 week cruise to Viet Nam.
Bill Reed lovin’ that brown Delta water!
Bill at a Dong Tam
perimeter Bunker
Bill Reed displaying his buddy’s flak jacket
artwork – who is this “Crazy Dago”?
Bill Reed sportin’ a very fine suntan while on R & R in Hawaii.

Who are these guys?  I think the guy, second from the right, is Jose A. Sauceda 
Larry and Bill clowning around with Larry’s new Kodak 104, and obviously lovin’ the US Army aboard the USS Benewah in the Mekong River.