4th Platoon, Bravo Company, 4th/47th Battalion, 2nd Brigade

Frank Lopez, Ernest R. Slavik III & Harry L. Love, Jr. aboard a Navy Barracks Ship in the Mekong Delta.
– August 2, 1967 –
Frank Lopez & Ernie Slavik sportin’ some mighty fine headgear.
Richard A. Rasmussen, Carson K. Sherwood (standing), David Cox (ctr), James Miller and ??
Mr. Cool Alfred E.
Nueman Lopez from
June 22, 1967
Standing at left: Frank Lopez, Ernest Slavik,
Clarence E.Lossing (kneeling at left) & Harry Love. Lossing gave the ultimate sacrifice on July 11, 1967
Frank Lopez & Schmidt at Dong Tam
Frank Lopez & Harry Love
Here’s Frank in May of 2006 enjoying the good life and a mighty fine margarita.
Frank’s purely excellent tattoo.
Frank’s good buddy, the very alert & happy, Ernie Slavik.
Frank’s other good buddy, the seemingly confused,
Mike Masello.