4th Platoon, Bravo Company, 4th/47th Battalion, 2nd Brigade

Native American (Paiute Tribe), Dalton Tom,
 serving his Country at age 19 1/2,
Camp Bearcat – March 1967.
Roger M. Goff & Clarence E. Lossing (Blackduck, Minnesota) enjoying a beer break at Vung Tau.
Clarence gave the Ultimate Sacrifice on July 11, 1967.
Carson Sherwood during Helicopter Training Fort Riley, Kansas – November 1966.
Roger Goff & Carson Sherwood on weekend leave – Fort Riley.
Robert J. Dollevoet & Dalton N. Tom thrilled to be serving in Vietnam!
James W. Singleton and David F. Hardcastle
Robert Dollevoet, Sgt. Martinez & Jenkins.
Ralph Bird & John Davis
 – Camp Bearcat – February 1967

Lupe Rodriguez from the San Fernando Valley (Southern California) at Camp Bearcat – Mar ’67
Jean Thenot, camouflaged, armed
and ready for another patrol. . .
Corporal John Davis – Fort Riley – 1966
James Miller & Jean B. Thenot – Fort Riley