4th Platoon, Bravo Company, 4th/47th Battalion, 2nd Brigade

Carson’s buddy, Harry Love from Chicago is livin’ it up on R& R at Vung Tau, South Viet Nam.
Mid 1967 – 4th Platoon troopers at Dong Tam – at center, is Lupe Rodriguez (San Fernando Valley – north of L.A.)
Carson’s good buddy, Robert Rodenbusch at Fort Riley, Kansas during Advanced Infantry Training – August 1966
Here’s Herb Smith, A Silver Star recipient, chewing on sugar cane down in the Mekong Delta
Lupe Rodriguez at left, Morrison, Carson Sherwood in sunglasses
and John Davis at center – don’t know the other trooper.
There’s Dave Cox (Wisconsin) on the right
Hello John Davis. . .
Robert Good from California

Lupe Rodriguez at Dong Tam – at the same time, Lupe’s brother, Gil served with the 2nd Platoon, C Company.
Herb Smith and John Davis – AKA: JD and Breeze – 4th Platoon Troopers aboard the USS Montrose – April 1967.
Bravo Company 2007 Reunion – Captain Engledinger,
Carson Sherwood & Platoon Leader Phil Bateman.
Golf buddies, Dalton Tom, Mike Masello
and Carson Sherwood.

Here’s Carson at Bravo Company’s last reunion in
Las Vegas explaining their last firefight in the Mekong.