Battalion Commander – 4th/47th Battalion, 2nd Brigade

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Colonel Bob Piper congratulates Colonel Guy Tutwiler
upon his induction into the Officers Candidate
School’s Hall of Fame.   It should be noted that the
former Senator of Kansas, Bob Dole, also received
this very High Honor for his combat role in the
Infantry During WWII.  Colone Tutwiler experienced
infantry combat during WWII, the Korean
War and in Viet Nam.
Here’s a letter to Colonel Tutwiler from
Captain Jim Wade, who was responsible
for providing artillery support to the
4th/47th Battalion.  Captain Wade worked
hand and glove with Colonel T and his Rifle
Company Commanders in the field. This
officer’s role was obviously extremely
essential and vital to the well being and
success of all 4th/47th Infantry Troopers!