A Company Headquarters, 4th/47th Battalion, 2nd Brigade

February, 1967 – A tall, lean and mean Milt Estrella at Camp Bearcat.
May 30, 1967 – Milt at Dong Tam.
June 18, 1967 Milt dances with Tse Tse
(an u-Li Princess).  The people there are much like our Native Americans and have their own customs and culture far removed from the Chinese.  Milt performed their dance in front of a live Chinese audience.
Here’s Milt on the USS Colleton near Vung Tau – photo taken by Lt. Robert C. Aguado, who lost his life during our June 19th Battle near Ap Bac Village.
Alpha Company’s Commo group at Dong Tam. Top left:  Alex Montoya, Pops, Keith Bibee & John Moxness.  Lower left: Richard Lundy (KIA June 19, 1967), Milt and Jose Rivera.

Here’s Milt on his last day of R & R at Green Mountain, a big resort in the mountains outside of Taipei – June 18, 1967.
June, 1966 – Basic Training at Fort Riley. Milt has Wayne Linebaugh right where he wants him.
Milt was wounded on July 11, 1967 – here, he is awarded the Purple Heart by the 9th Infantry Division Commander, Major General George G. O’Connor.  93rd Evac Hospital – Long Binh.
It’s late 1992 in Las Vegas and several 4th/47th troopers have a mini reunion.

September, 2002 – Composite photo of Milt remembering fellow 4th/47th brothers who fell June 19, 1967 – Dignity Traveling Wall, Houston National Cemetery.