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The Rung Sat was a God awful place that cannot go unmentioned in this website. The Mobile Riverine Force routinely sent troops of the 4th/47th Battalion into this area to eradicate Viet Cong forces who used the swamps and jungles as a refuge. A place to store munitions, weapons, medical supplies, equipment, etc.

Article provided by Al Brown, A/4/47 – 09/08/12

The Rung Sat Special Zone was a special kind of hell for the men in the 4th/47th Battalion. For two months we patrolled – wading, swimming, crawling – through the tidal rivers and mangrove swamps that make up the Rung Sat. We battled two enemies: The Viet Cong and the Swamp. Following the Rung Sat mission, we were moved to Dong Tam to continue Delta operations.

Bill Reynolds – 2nd Platoon, Charlie Company