John Young's Collection

1st Platoon, C Company, 4th/47th Battalion, 2nd Brigade

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"Detroit" Dave Davidson on patrol
near Camp Bearcat - March 1967.

Don Peterson contemplating a bath in
a stream near the Rubber Plantation.


Dave Jarczewski caugh
 in a pensive moment.

James Nall hangin' onto his "over-under" and
  enjoying himself patrolling near Bearcat.

1st Platoon's true
"Fighting Warrior"! Charlie Nelson.

1st Platoon Trooper, Steve
Huntsman taking a short break.

Paul Roy enjoying a feast on his
special picnic china at a bunker
near the Rubber Plantation.

Here's John Sclimenti
feeling a bit melancholy

Kirby Spain thinkin' about the next patrol...

SSG. Ted Searcy and Lt. Charles "Duffy"
Black inspecting a Viet Cong camp in the
Rung Sat.  This was likely the last photo
taken of Lt. Black as he was killed
April 13, 1967 in the Rung Sat.

2nd Platoon's Willie McTear tryin' to catch some zzzz's at Dong Tam.

After several beers, Mike Kalscheur is inspired to write home.

Willie McTear tryin' to get directions
back home to Las Vegas from the Nam.

Richard Northcott (on the left) and friends hangin' out
on the USS Benewah between patrols.

1st Platoon Troopers storming ashore in a mock assualt near
Dong Tam staged for General Westmoreland's review of the
Mobile Riverine Force - July 5, 1967.  There's John Young
in the center about to leap off the landing craft.


"Full Circle" is John's description of this encounter. During
his May, 2000 trip to Viet Nam, John (back to the camera)
is introduced to a former Viet Cong soldier who was in the
July 19, 1967 Battle near Ap Bac Village.  This man in the
blue shirt, was a member of the Nha Be Battalion - he still
lives in a small village, a short walk from the battlefield.


A Navy Monitor under fire and responding in kind.

John Young's May 2002 trip to Viet Nam - John at front and Doug
Wilson behind. The two Vietnamese sitting across from John fought
against us during the June 19, 1967 Battle.  This hooch is right on
the battle site. John learned that we were actually fighting against
3 V.C. Battalions rather than 2 as previously reported.

USS Benewah - Home sweet home to the Mobile Riverine Force troopers.

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