Bill Reynolds' Collection

2nd Platoon, C Company, 4th/47th Battalion, 2nd Brigade

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Camp Bearcat - February 1967.  After Charlie Company is three weeks in-country, finally water truck showers.

James Holstine from Austin, Texas, seemingly
taking full credit for fillin' all of those sandbags!

Another fine Southern California soldier,
Gil Rodriguez, from San Fernando.

Charlie Company troopers loading up on a C-130 to leave Camp Bearcat for a short
flight to  our new base camp - Dong Tam down in the Mekong Delta.  Late March, 1967.

Southern California warrior,
Donald Jackson from Los Angeles.

2nd Platoon troopers waiting to board a C-130. The sign reads:  Bearcat
International - Elevation 32 ft - Please Don't Pee On Runway.

Dong Tam - Mike Cramer (center) and Tom White
(right). Tom was our first replacement.

Jimmie Salazar (Texas) is geared up and ready to get
after the Viet Cong as Charlie Company troopers start
 boarding the Tangos.

Dong Tam - 2nd Platoon buddies - Top Left: Curtis Irvin (Missouri),
Bill Reynolds (California) and Bill Varsafsky(Washington). Front Left:
Mike Cramer (California) and Howard Green (Texas).

2nd Platoon troopers, Jerry Farber, Danny Upton, Bill Reynolds,
and Bill Varsafsky aboard the USS Benewah.

October 1967 aboard the USS Benewah - 2nd Platoon buddies
Bill Reynolds, Rollie Gangler and Bob French.

USS Benewah - Fred Harrell (right) from Georgia,
playin' poker and cleanin' up
......again! Not only was
Fred tough in the rice paddies, jungles and swamps
searching for Viet Cong, he was especially
tough between patrols playing cards.

The Mr. Bill's startin' to put on a few pounds - check out
Varsafsky suckin' in his stomach.  Nice try, Mr. Bill!

Grizzled combat veterans - Left:   Jimmie Salazar, Bill Reynolds, Jerry Farber,
Ben Acevedo, and Mike Cramer (front).

Howard Green & Bill Reynolds - It's
beer-thirty at Camp Bearcat.

USS Benewah - Bill Varsafsky, John Sclimenti
(there's, Jimmie Salazar's Flag), and Mike
Cramer coolin' sodas.


Bill Varsafsky & his 2nd Platoon pals
ridin' a Tango out of the boonies.


Mike O'Gara telling Bill Varsafsky
about the last patrol.

Charlie Company troopers dryin' out between patrols - there's Art
Debbling at left, John Sclimenti on guitar & Danny Upton at right.



John Sclimenti hosin' down the troops after a
grueling patrol in the Mekong.


James Ericsson, 4th Platoon trooper survived
our June 19th Battle but was tragically killed
in a horrific motorcycle accident in the
San Fernando Valley shortly after Vietnam.


Sometimes it was necessary to cut down trees to enable Huey helicopters to lift out our wonded
 and to resupply the troops with ammunition, fresh water and c-rations.

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