2nd Lieutenant David G. Williams

2nd Platoon, A Company, 4th Battalion, 47th Infantry

Kien Hoa Province - September 21, 1967

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E-mail message sent 5/28/2011 to Steve Williams from Mike Becze


Thank you very much for this web site. Very well put together.  It just seems so strange that Dave's life was lost at so young an age.  It really appears that in the short time Dave was in-country he accomplished so much.  Being a leader sometimes puts your safety at risk.  Dave was performing his duties in a very harsh environment and doing his duty to our country.

I also was assigned to Viet Nam in 1966 and 1967 as a United States Marine with the First Marine Division.  I was assigned to l Corps in the northern end of South Viet Nam.  I saw combat in Khe Sahn, Dong Ha and Phu Bai. I heard that Dave lost his life when I was still in the Corps in 1968 but never heard exactly what happen. This web site explains everything I did not know in the past.  Such a great life cut so short.

I remember our days as Air Force brats in Japan when Dave and I were in the same Boy Scout Troop and Dave was such a lively person and good friend. Dave was always the life of the party and well loved by everyone. At Highlands High School Dave was an excellent leader and I will always remember his attitude towards life. Full of energy and just an all-around good and loyal guy and close friend.

I always knew that Dave was an excellent musician and his career would have been in that field.  I also read in one of the letters in this web site that Dave also had Hollywood ambitions.  Dave would have made it in just about any career that he chose.  But what Dave did for our country will never be forgotten and his life will always be remembered.

Have a great Memorial Day and I will be thinking of Dave.  May God Bless you and may God Bless your brother Dave.  Every day after Viet Nam has been gravy for me. The times over there were so tough it only makes one feel how lucky we are to have survived the experience.

Say "hi" to Dave for me when you visit him this Memorial Day.

Semper Fi, friendů

Mike Becze
Highlands HS Class of '63


Williams 3E
Williams 3C
Williams 3D
Williams 3A Williams 3B

Golden Gate National Cemetery - San Bruno, California
Memorial Day, 2011 - Photo taken by Steven Stafford


Steve visited his brother Dave's grave on Memorial Day, 2011
Photo taken by Steven Stafford.

Williams 2F

 "While in Vietnam, David used his calligraphy skills to copy this poem written
by Christina Georgina Rossetti (1830-1894).  The calligraphed poem was
discovered in his personal property that was returned to his parents
after he was killed in Vietnam on September 21, 1967."


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