Sergeant Daniel L. Kerr's  Collection

2nd Platoon, C Company, 4th/47th Battalion, 2nd Brigade

Charlie Company Memorabilia

Kerr 1A Kerr 1B

Sergeant Dan Kerr stands over two Viet Cong suspects while
Harold Exum looks on.  March 1967 near Camp Bearcat.


Kerr 1C

Sergeant Dan Kerr & his youngest daughter.
He sent this photo in March 2008 right after we
made contact with him. WELCOME BACK to
Charlie Company, Sergeant Kerr!


Kerr 1Ds

Sergeant Dan Kerr & Harold Exum - Camp Bearcat - Mar '67

Kerr 1E

Here's Sgt George Smith at Camp Bearcat - one of
our favorite NCO's & who gave the ultimate
sacrifice on July 11, 1967 in the Mekong Delta.


Kerr 1G
Kerr 1H Kerr 1J
Kerr 1F
Kerr 1I

James Holstine, a fine soldier from Austin,
Texas. Sadly, we lost James to cancer in 1992.

There's Lt. Jack Benedick (facing the camera) and Fred Harrell at right
in some hamlet down in the Mekong Delta...

Kerr 1K

This photo was taken in September, 1967 at Dong Tam when Lt. Jack Benedick was transferred unwillingly from his 2nd Platoon, which he had taken over at Fort Riley, Kansas one year prior.

Lt. Jack called his "13 Originals" together for a little goodbye celebration - 8 of those 13 soldiers are shown here.  When Lt. Jack first assumed command of the 2nd Platoon, it consisted of approximately 35 soldiers.

From top left: Mike Cramer, James Holstine, Sgt. Dan Kerr, Bill Reynolds. Lower left: Bill Varsafsky, Curtis Irvin, Bob French, and Frank Modde.


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