Frank Schwan's Collection

2nd Platoon, C Company, 4th/47th Battalion, 2nd Brigade

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Schwan 1A

Mario Lopez & Frank Schwan chowin' down on those fantastic
C-Rations while on patrol in the Mekong Delta.


Schwan 1B

Lt. Jack Benedick talking to Sgt. George Smith - 2nd
Platoon on Patrol in the Rung Sat Special Zone.


Schwan 1C Schwan 1L
Schwan 1D

There's Frank at the bow and Walt
Radowenchuk wearin' the cool
Hollywood shades.


Schwan 1F

Idoluis Casares (Brownsville, Texas) seems to be ignoring a very important Platoon
formation. Whot Tha!?


Schwan 1G

Here's our good buddy, Nelson Makinson - we lost
Nelson to pneumonia Nover 12, 2008.


Schwan 1E

James Holstine (Austin, Texas), Steve Moede (Reseda,
California) & Fred Kenney (Canoga Park, California).

Schwan 1H

Frank's favorite past time, crossing rivers in the Mekong
while carrying his M-60 machine gun.


Schwan 1I

Steve Melvin, Mario Lopez, Frank Schwan and their ladies
 Summer of 1966 - Fort Riley Kansas.


Schwan 1K
Schwan 1J

Frank proudly displays his fine locker at
Custer Hill - Fort Riley Kansas.


Schwan 1P

2nd Platoon between patrols at Camp Bearcat - Frank Modde facing
camera, Bill Varsafsky at rear left & Ray Layman at Bill's left.

Schwan 1M

Camp Bearcat

Schwan 1N
Schwan 1Q Schwan 1R

Mario Lopez writing a letter home - Camp Bearcat - March 1967.

Schwan 1S
Schwan 1T

Earl Eddings resting up before another 2nd Platoon Patrol out of Camp Bearcat.
Photo taken Feb - March 1967,


Schwan 1U

Earl Eddings & Mario Lopez
standing tall!


Mario Lopez (standing), Fred Harrell
and Earl Eddings. . .


Schwan 1V
Schwan 1W

Charlie Company's carpenter squad at Camp Bearcat
Fred Harrell carrying Earl Eddings, Harold King
at the right, Nelson Makinson looking up with
Ray Layman at the left.

Frank Schwan & Earl Eddings takin' a break during a
patrol near Dong Tam.

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